The Fear of Technology

Students aren’t the only learners in a classroom.  Teachers are constantly learning and adapting their practices based on different experiences. One idea that scares a lot of teachers, especially older teachers, is technology. Technology is continuously changing and adapting, making it more challenging to incorporate into curriculum. To often we see teachers like the following,



Although technology can be scary, it is still an essential component of education. Teachers should not let a fear of technology prevent them from utilizing it in the classroom. Furthermore, teachers should not be nervous to try new technologies and use them to their full potential. Too often, teachers use technology, but only at its most basic level. Teachers need to utilize all that technology has to offer.

The following blog post gives tips to teachers, or anyone, who may be nervous to try something new with EdTech.


The first tip the blog post gives is to remember, “you are not first person to do this”. This idea is important to consider because you can “search engine” any questions or concerns you have in regards to technology issues. Since it is very likely that other people have used the technology before, it should be easy to find information about how to use it successfully.


The next tip the article discusses is “there is help available for every program/app”.  Although it is sometimes confusing, all technologies have some sort of “help menu” that can provide assistance to struggling users. It is important that teachers try to use the help the program provides, and if they are still not successful they can try using one of the other tips.


The last tip in the article talks about is “my peers are a great resource”. Having someone first hand teach you how to use a new technology is very beneficial and helps make the process less problematic. Schools are filled with tons of staff members who have different personalized classroom styles and curriculums. It is likely that one staff member has tried the technology you are struggling with, so by asking for help, you can get first hand help. One good idea is to ask the school librarian for help, because they get to see and participate in a variety of classrooms, so if they themselves cannot help, they might know another teacher who can! Also, a lot of schools have specific people who specialize in technology, so they can be a great resource for any tech issues. It is important to collaborate and work together as a school community to help every benefit from technolog


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