More Tweeting to Learn

As you may have guessed, this week I continued to use twitter to further develop my personal learning network. It still amazes me how much valuable information can be found by quickly browsing my twitter feed. One tweet that stood out to me this week discussed ways to “infuse digital literacy throughout curriculum”.


This tweet had a link to an article that describes ways that teachers can push digital literacy across the K12 spectrum. As discussed throughout my technology course and this article, digital literacy is “the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate, and create information using a range of digital technologies”. Furthermore, the article lists several ways that schools can adapt digital literacy skills into their current pedagogical framework. First, is discusses how evaluating online content is a research skill that is necessary for 21st century learners. Next it talks about how engaging online is now looked at as a modern communication skill. The article states, “Effectively engaging online requires a myriad of skills that we strive to foster in school – effective written communication, brevity and civility”. Lastly, the article describes ways that teachers can have their students create digital projects. Overall, the idea of digital literacy is essential. This article, as well as other articles and class discussions have proved to me that digital literacy should be an everyday dimension of learning, and that it is essential as educators that we foster and encourage digital literacy skills into curriculum.

Another tweet that I came across that stood out to me was one that discussed current issues that students are dealing with.


This tweet was important to me because I believe it is vital that teachers understand and can relate to what their students are going through. Since all students are so unique, it is hard for teachers to understand what every student is going through. Even though this is a challenge, it is important that teachers understand what students are going through and furthermore can show necessary compassion. The article in the tweet states that the main issues todays kids are facing are single parent households, living in poverty, parentification, violence, bullying/cyber bullying, obesity, education disparity, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse. As a teacher, I will do my best to consider these issues, as well as others, in order to make my students as successful as possible.

The last tweet that stood out to me was one that suggested apps that benefit the classroom.


Since I plan to incorporate technology into my classroom and curriculum, I am always looking for different apps and technologies that can benefit my future classroom and students. As this tweet shows, Twitter is a great resource to use for discovering new apps, especially apps for educational purposes. I can’t wait to further explore twitter and other sources to discover more apps and technologies that I can use in my classroom to benefit my students.


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