Is the Internet Changing Education?

If my blog hasn’t made it clear, technology drastically impacts and plays an important role in education. I have learned the importance of technology in the classroom and how it should be an important part of curriculum. One idea related to technology that I haven’t thought very much about is the Internet. It is obvious that most people take advantage of the Internet, and that it is used in schools, but one idea I never thought much about is how the Internet is changing education. When one uses the Internet, they are pretty much connecting to the rest of the world.


This week well looking at my Feedly account, I found an interesting article that discussed how the Internet is changing education.

Overall, the blog discusses how much education has changed because of the Internet. Not only is the Internet changing how teachers teach in the classroom, but now, because of the Internet, students have the opportunity to receive their education from home. The article gives a statistic, that; “There are currently 3 million online-only students in the US”. This is more than the totally number of college students in France! Thinking this fact over is truly mind-blowing. Personally, I have always thought about how the Internet has changed class assignments or project, not how the Internet has changed education as a whole.

Although most students who go to school through the Internet seem to be older students, such as college-aged students, the Internet has still changed education. The old/typical model of education forces students through the same school model, when now, the Internet has made education more custom-designed and individualized. Furthermore, for older students, it makes higher education available to anyone who has an Internet connect, not just the elite.

The following video further discusses how the Internet is changing education. This video is targets online education for higher education, but it’s ideas can be applied to all aged students.


Altogether, the Internet can be a great resource for teachers to utilize. It allows education to be more individualized and personable, which is extremely important. The Internet also gives access to education for people who may not be able to attend an actual school and is very convenient. I can’t wait to further see how the Internet is used in education and see the connections it makes for people and educators around the world!






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