Blogging About Blogs: Video in the Classroom

The Internet has an abundant amount of resources available for teachers. This week I was able to try a new technology that will be an excellent resource for me to utilize as I continue my journey to become a teacher. Feedly, is a news aggregator application that complies news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. This week I created my own Feedly account, and started following different blogs and other sources that I believe with further my education. I found numerous articles that I found very interesting and useful, but one that stood out to me was from


This post discussed the importance of incorporating video into education.




It provided different statics, facts, and other information that states the impact video has on education. For example, it says that “video helps students become actively engaged in their learning”, and that “video helps maximize school resources and can help facilitate collaboration”.  These statements, as well as others, do a great job convincing teachers why they should include videos into their curriculum. One main idea that really stuck out to me from the article is that idea that because video combines a variety of media, it allows instruction to be flexible and adjustable, to fit diverse learning needs and styles.


After reading this article, I was pretty convinced on the positive effects video has in education. I decided to do a little more research on the idea, and stumbled upon a Ted talk by a man named Salman Khan.



Salman Khan is the founder of Khan Academy, which is a free online education platform and nonprofit organization. In this Ted talk, Khan discuses how and why he created this academy, which is filled with a series of educational videos that offer complete curricula for many subjects. He also displays the power that interactive exercises have, and explains why he believes teachers should consider making their classrooms different from the traditional classroom. He believes students will benefit if they are given video lectures to watch at home and do “homework” in class, so teachers are available to help. Although I believe this idea is a little extreme, it is defiantly something to consider.


Overall, there is a lot of evidence as to why teachers should use videos in education.


Although there are different approaches to incorporating videos into curriculum, I do believe it is important to do, especially for learners who are part of the digital world. As the blog post states, “It is now up to us to strategically adopt video technologies into the classroom, and guide our students in developing the skill sets necessary to fulfill their role as global citizens of the 21st century”.






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