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This tweet describes the main propose of my education technology class. Society is constantly changing, and it is essential that children are taught ideas and concepts that prepare them for their future. This is easier said then done. Forbes posted an article in 2006 that describes how jobs in the future will be drastically different then jobs today. In this article, futurist Alvin Toffler states, “ In two decades, your job probably won’t exist, at least not in the same form”. This idea is scary, especially as a future educator. It’s hard enough to teach students to be prepared for today’s world, but having to teach them for the future seems impossible. It is hard to fathom the idea that teachers need to teach students to be prepared for jobs that currently don’t even exist. Although it is a difficult task, teachers truly do need to “teach in a way that prepares kids for the future 15 years from now”. That is one reason why it is essential to utilize technology in the classroom. Since technology is one of the driving factors in our rapidly changing world, it is a guarantee that it will play a significant role in the future. Students need to be able to use technology appropriately and efficiently, so that by the time they enter the real world, they will be able to adapt what they know and adjust it to what’s going on around them.

Another reason technology should be used in the classroom is proven in this tweet.



This tweet shares an article that discusses that technology in the classroom is directly correlated to an increase in graduation rates. The article states, “Educational technology is needed for a variety of reasons. It provides an alternative method of learning for those who struggle to learn using traditional methods. Technology can be used to address multiple intelligences and also to provide authentic learning experiences for students”. This quote displays how technology benefits all students and makes graduation possible for students who may have otherwise thought it was out of their reach. Furthermore, the article discusses how technology acts as an equalizer. In a classroom setting, all students have the same access to whatever technologies are available in their district or specific classroom. So, if a student does not have access to technologies at home, if technology is used in schools, it gives all students the opportunity to work with technology that they do not get to experience outside of the classroom. For example, when computers and other devices are used in the classroom, it gives students who may otherwise not have access a chance to use these tools for learning purposes. Technology also allows for more flexibility throughout the learning process, and makes differentiated instruction easier to accomplish. By using technology in the classroom, teachers can provide students with a more customized learning experience. Plus, utilizing technology in the classroom helps students prepare for life post high school graduation. The article also states, High school students who become acquainted with technology for things like course selection, class management and actual learning modules are better prepared when they arrive on college campuses”. Clearly, technology has many advantages for students when it is properly utilized in school.

Overall, technology plays a huge role in school success. Throughout my education technology class we have learned the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom, and after further exploring twitter, it is clear that it is essential. This last tweet that I chose to share displays a blog post that discusses 3 reasons to have a digital classroom.



As the article describes, today’s students were “born into a world in which rapid technology, the Internet, even online profiles would play a de factor role in their live”. Because of this, as well as other reasons, there are numerous reasons why teachers should have a digital classroom. The article describes 3 main reasons, which they believe are: easier access, better information, and evolving solutions. These reasons along with others really push me to further my tech education, so when I am a teacher, I can successfully include technology into my classroom and curriculum.


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