Twitter, Technology, and Teaching

Everyone has different opinions on technology, especially technology in the classroom. While browsing my twitter feed, I found an interesting tweet that linked an article that discussed the importance of balancing technology and teaching.

The article discusses the idea of technology being everywhere and how it is a “universal language spoken by the entire world”. It continues the discussion that I have talked a lot about in class, about how jobs of the future require technological skills. There is an ongoing battle between teachers struggling to incorporate technology into the classroom and students who use technology daily and will need technological skills to succeed in the future. The article continues to discuss the importance of integrating technology into lesson plans, and gives great ideas as to how to successfully balance teaching and technology. Teachers can use this article to understand the importance of

(balancing technology) and teaching, and learn methods that help make this integration more successful and effective!

Another interesting tweet I found was one that talked about the importance of giving students a voice.



Students need to be given the opportunity to “recognize their own belief’s, practice articulating them in a variety of forms, and then find the confidence to express them”. By utilizing resources that can be accessed on the web, teachers can give all students a voice. The article linked in the tweet gives four opportunities that teachers can use to give students a voice. This includes blogging, storify or storehouse, podcasting or voicethread, and YouTube channels. By using such technologies in the classroom, students are given an opportunity to comfortably express themselves and their opinions, to further develop and find their voice.

The last tweet that really stuck out to me this week was one that discussed eBooks.



Personally, I don’t know too much about eBooks and all they offer. That is why I found this article to be so informative. Although it is unrealistic for most schools to provide some sort of eBook or device for every student, if it was possible, it would be very beneficial.  Since more and more children are becoming more familiar with working technologies such as eBooks, it would be advantageous if teachers used them in the classroom. The article in the tweet gives 11 reasons as to why eBooks should be used and all they can do to better ones readi


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