Tweet to Learn!


Twitter is most famously known for being a social media website. Although many users take advantage of its social media purposes, many don’t recognize all that twitter can do. The following article describes numerous ways that people can use twitter to its full potential.

Personally, I originally made a twitter just because all my friends told me to. I didn’t fully understand the purpose of it or why it was so essential that I got one. Even after having twitter for over a year, I still didn’t understand the hype of it. I really only use twitter to see what my friends are up to, and never utilize twitter for news or other purposes. Now, after having a “teacher twitter” I am finally understanding how great of a resource twitter can be when used properly.

This week I browsed my twitter feed to find tweets that display information about teaching with technology. I found a lot of information that is very beneficial for teachers. One tweet that really stood out to me. Although it doesn’t give specific suggestions for teaching with technology, it presents a very important idea.

The idea of this tweet is that a lot of teachers are afraid to utilize new technologies in their classroom.


Too often teachers stick with the basics because they’re afraid that they won’t be able to work new technologies, and that they will break and ruin their lesson plans. The idea that all recourses used in schools have the potential to break is very important for teachers to consider. By recognizing that, “Yes, technology breaks”, teachers can realize that they shouldn’t fear new technology, but instead see that it is something they should incorporate and use! I believe this should be the first step for teachers and technology. Acknowledging that technology breaks just like all other classroom materials will push teachers to try to incorporate technology into the classroom.

The next tweet that really struck me was one that had an article discussing an app that features tablet ready assessments.

Since students seem to be motivated by technology, having assessments that are given through technology could be very beneficial for educators. According to the article, “The assessments help educators identify learning gaps, understand student needs and improve 21st century teaching skills”.  For teachers who have access to these technologies, it could be very beneficial to use this app to assess students in 21st century skills. Because this technology is up to date, it can be assumed that the skills it assesses are skills that students should be proficient at. Unfortunately, a lot of teachers may not know about this app and what it can provide, which is why twitter can be such an important resource for teachers. This simple tweet can really impact a classroom and the way teachers educate their students. Personally, if I work in classroom that has devices that are capable of using this app, it is something I would be very inclined to use. Based on the article, this one app can provide “deeper insight into student’s grasp of critical 21st century skills, such as creativity, information fluency, critical thinking and digital citizenship”. All of these components are skills that are emphasized in all of my education classes, so I would definitely utilize an app that can provide these skills!

Although a lot of other tweets provided me with valuable information, the last tweet I will mention is one that provides an article with a list of free web tools for teachers to utilize.

Frequently teachers can’t use technology in the classroom due to how expensive it can be. This tweet is very valuable because it has the top 10 free web tools that teachers can use in the classroom. If teachers see this list, as well as other suggestions on twitter and the internet, they have no excuse not to include technology into their classroom and curriculum. Overall, this tweet is a very helpful resource for teachers who want to incorporate technology as much as possible, but may be limited due to cost. I know personally that when I am a practicing teacher that I will try my best to take full advantage of using free resources.

Altogether, twitter is such an amazing resource that people don’t take enough advantage of. Thanks to this class, I am able to recognize how beneficial twitter can be, and how important it is for teachers to utilize all available resources!





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